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a good nights work.

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  • a good nights work.

    went down to my favourite stretch of the bristol docks on saturday night for a few hours .i decided to fish a forgotton bait,and boy did it pay off. fished short at 4 metres due to the wind,but after putting 5 balls of brown crumb,laced with casters and pinkies,i waited about 5 minutes.i used my normal drennan carbo float ,of 1 gram,and used 0.12 to 0.10 fox micron.hook was a drennan carbon maggot,size 18. i had a tin of hemp and a pint of casters,and a half pint of mixed maggots,and as a change bait i had found some juicy elderberries.first put in and a small perch was my reward.this went on for a while,and i was getting a tad i shallowed up by a float,and changed to a single white mag.the float buried ,very quickly,and i missed it!! thats a dace i thought to myself.another mag and out again.the float buried again,and this time i connected.a great big dace of about 6ozs was the culprit.i went on to catch at least 40 dace,the biggest nudging at least 10 ozs.after the light faded,at about 8pm,i changed my bait,and upped my feed rate,with a big handfull of casters and hemp with every put in. on the hook i went over to the elderberry.first run through,and nothing,secon run through,and the float buried,and at least 4 foot of my number six elastic was soon being pulled out.what the bloody hell is this,i thought,but the telltale thumps gave it away,and after a couple of minutes,a nice big dog roach came to the surface.get on i thought!! i went back out ,and the same result,only this one was a little smaller. the next half hour saw some nice dace and roach fall to the now,i had almost fed a whole pint of casters and a tin of hemp,so i was planning on calling it a day at about 9 pm. at about 8.50 i watched the float bury again,only this time it felt totally different,this was a much larger fish,and the elastic shot out ,i looked up to my whip,and i reckon at least 8 foot of elastic was out. i took my time,kept all my movements nice and steady,as whatever this was,i didnt want to lose it.i played this fish for about 5 minutes,and when it surfaced,it was my biggest docks roach i had ever caught. i didnt have any scales with me,but if im honest with you,it was well over a pound and a half,nudging one pound ten/twelve ounces. i felt like a ten year old,and i could feel my heart thumping!my decision to use the berry had paid off.i took some snaps,and the big dog roach is on the bottom of the four!! all the best creepy.Dog docks roach.jpgDocks roach.jpg
    talk anglings villiage idiot:p

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    nice session ade well done mate, some nice roach there.


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      You been after the sailors again ,going down the docks late at night..Tut Tut
      nice roach Ade or as this lot up here would say ..........Bostin


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        On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.