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maver top kits.

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  • maver top kits.

    Has anyone else recently bought a Maver competition series pole? I purchased a new 321 on June 19th from Fosters, to replace my 301.
    One of the reasons I bought a maver as opposed to any other make was obviously all my kits off the 301 would fit the 321.
    All good so far, another reason was the ''free top kits & short no4'' worth around £169,
    so I followed the promotional gumpf and sent off all the required paperwork and patiently waited the 60 days needed to deliver the kits..
    Well we're now in september and still no sign.. i've phoned fosters who have been no help at all and i've e mailed Maver uk without any kind of reply..
    Anyone else in the same boat?? or have I just been the unlucky one..


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    You need to pursue it more with Maver if Fosters aren't willing to do it for you.

    Emails don't always work,try and get a contact number for them.


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      or name and shame them on every forum and moan to the angling press where they advertised the deals, they could in the least reply to let you know there is a delay because the promotion was so succesful


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        01527 406300
        Fosters will have no chance of sorting it ,all these offers are supposed to be handled by Maver direct


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          Somebody once told me on a thread that your gripe should be with the shop you bougt it from and not the maufacturer as your contract is with the shop. I thought at the time what a load of crap and pursued the maufacturer keeping 'emails' I had received from them and letting everybody now what they were doing about the situation I was in at the time, I suggest you do the same as I did and good luck.


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            Well I finally got to the bottom of what happened to the kits..
            Thanks to Shaun at Allens tackle who rung maver on my behalf, we discovered that the kits were dispatched to Fosters on the 15th July...
            It would seem that no one at fosters could be bothered to get in touch with me, I rang them yesterday and explained that i'd spoke to maver and that the kits were on the premesis... " Gimme 10 minutes, i'll ring you back" ... that was at 3 o'clock yesterday, no call back... so I rang them this morning and no one claimed to know who spoke to me, really excellent customer service this.. They are posting them today, we shall see..
            I have bought every pole i have ever owned from Fosters, from way back when I had my D.A.M Futron .. but i will never use them again after this episode, awful, awful service.