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River tees barage is a disgrace

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  • River tees barage is a disgrace

    For years now the salmon stocks in the river tees has been very poor,mainly due to the tees barrage blocking the runs of salmon and seatrout moving through to go upstream to spawn,the fish pass is a joke, when its blocked with driftwood its left blocked, the pass itself is a joke and has been the main cause of stopping the salmon moving up,we go and watch as the seals kill salmon held back by the barrage,if anyone else was doing what the barrage is doing by preventing the natural upstream runs of fish they would be jailed yet year after year the same old problem happens, whats worse still, the powers at be let this happen,The river tees could be one of the best salmon rivers in this country with very little help.They say or should i say blame water quality and all kinds of scientific mumbo-jumbo instead of looking at the true problems, for gods sake put a fish pass that does the job, let the fish run and stop trying to think scientists know best as nothing beats nature left alone.

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    join the angling trust and get them on the case?
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