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coombe abbey

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  • coombe abbey

    walked around coombe at the weekend with a view to fishing it this month but its unfishable due to bank to bank weed. 2 carp guys on there both said they couldnt find a single clear spot on numerous pegs and that loads of season tickets had been returned. think that cov council would do something about it as apparently it was like it last year as well.

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    I never knew there was fishing there?
    I heard of the pike there but nothing about fishing for them.
    Where abouts is the fishing?
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      The Council created artificial reefs in the lake to try and protect the juvenile fish from Cormorant predation.Seems an odd thing to do seeing as they actively encourage the Cormorants to nest there.The reefs have obviously interupted the natural flow in the lake which in turn has caused the weed problem.
      Coombes bream and roach shoals were legendary 40 years ago,and you'd need to get there before first light if you had any hope of getting a peg in the woods (low numbers) in recent years its been virtually unfished.
      Coombe is now a SSSI and is geared towards habitat preservation and wildlife protection,this in turn has had a detrimental effect on the fishery.
      Whats a commercial fishery ?


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        agree with you two shakes used to fish it quite a bit a few years ago seems a shame that its got in such a state but suppose i wont miss the walk to the woods,used to be cream crackered by the time i got to my peg