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pellet pumps + pole elastic

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  • pellet pumps + pole elastic

    hi i dont own one but what do pellet pumps do and are they easy to use

    thinking of changing from full elastic to dual core do you use normal bung and elasticate pole in same way or do you need to use certain accessories


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    A pellet pump turns a floating expander pellet into a sinking pellet and prepares them for the hook, simply 2/3 fill the pump with water add some pellets pump a few times release the valve and the pellet then sinks, leave them in the waters for a few minutes normally around ten minutes drain off the water and they are ready for hooking. Look out for either a vacuvin food saver kit or coffee saver from Amazon they are often a lot cheaper than commercially available pumps mine was three containers plus a pump for around £17 the coffee saver was around £6 plus postage.
    Dual core elastic needs no special accessories other than perhaps bigger bushes and connector if you use one, its use full to use a winder bung and wrap a few turns on, then if you get any wear on the connector end simply unwind the spare off the winder and make good the connector or spider knot, I have found that the dual core out last the normal elastics by at least 4 times, and have had one length of 12-20 in for something like 4 years


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      bri you tight so and so four years !! come on your letting the elastic manufacturers down !!
      the carrot bites back:D
      ooh you are awful!!


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        But if you catch fish on them, change every 6 months
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          Originally posted by rive t
          But if you catch fish on them, change every 6 months
          Harsh, very harsh.
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            Originally posted by rive t
            But if you catch fish on them, change every 6 months
            I catch fish on it Tony, but have a moto if it aint broke dont fix it and up to yet other than a few re ties at the business end it aint needed fixing. I had 40carp recently to 9lb on it not a problem.



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              knowing Brian...i bet his 4 years is very conservative probably 6 but he is spot on if its ok why renew...some of my elastics are getting on they are fine so i leave them,,
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                well thanx guys went and bought elastic today maver dual core done pole see what happens decidied not to buy pellet pump for what they actually do


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                  Hi if you buy the new dynamite expanders these dont need pumping at all, give them ago. Regarding the dual core elastic i have been using both Maver and Preston hollo elastics and i would recommend fitting an internal bush and and a adjustable bung and a relevant large size connector unless your confident with a crows foot.

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                    as for pumps i have two.. but you can do it with out using a pump the night before you go fishing. just get the pellet that you are using if it is a 6mm this is what i do. i put handful of pellets in water, for 6 min than drain off the water and put them in the fridge. in the morning they are ready just as if you pump them, the same for 4 ms for 4 min and so on.. if you want you can just put a little water with them but a little or they will be no good.. just try diff ways till you get them how you want them.. know as for elastic i have use all sorts of elastic. i have hydro black and red also purple but at the mo i using middy no 12 and i am finding it great it got a good stretch. it called hi viz duel cord and i am not get a lot of pull outs like i was get with black hydro...hydro is very good... but middy lets you ship back a lot faster but that me but very one fishes diff ....


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                      Yes I agree with BUA on the smaller pellet options. I also have a pellet pump myself but I do not use it that much. When using pellet I always use the self hooking option which is a pellet band option. Keeps them on perfectly even when using a tip rod casting 30mtr plus. I always say self hooking because I don't place the band through the nipple on the band, I Always place it over the pellet and then apply the hook to the hook faces outwards. This way when on the bottom the hook will be in the upright position.

                      Another thing is, If i start using a tip and the fishery does not allow groundbate I will leave the pellets in water overnight, Make sure they are soft, this way I can use them as a groundbate to hold my feed in the top and bottom of a cage feeder, Probably does a better job but you are prone to alot of cage bites so it can be quite tricky on guessing when to actually strike.

                      As for the elastics, They are more experienced people in the pole fishing than me in here which have explained to you well enough so ill leave this one out.

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