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Millride Fisheries

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  • Millride Fisheries

    What ever you do ,do not venture to Millride on a Saturday. First time i have ever came away from a fishing trip with a headache. 07.00 set up, peaceful, 08.15, Clay Pigeon shooting starts, 4 Guns, non stop until i left 12.30hrs. 09.00hrs, 1 Scooter hairing up and down drive with, Wait for it , 3 people in total on board , helmetless, and i use the term people loosely, interbreds is a more apt description. It has'nt finished there, 10.30hrs, Scramblers (2 Illegally riding along edge of Quarry ,which backs on to site.)Finally the 22 Club turn up, Yes their is a 22 Club, so you get an annoying air rifle sound every 10 secs.The boy Racer who turned up for 5 mins was a welcome interlude in a truly awful mornings fishing.Result fish wise, 2 Sad looking Bream, Phoned Samaratains when i got home only to find they were engaged, Nuff Said.

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    Did the bream have ear defenders on,mate? Should've slipped them a paracetamol,if not! Sounds like hell on earth,exactly what you don't want when you're fishing!
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      Noise when fishing has never realy bothered me,and the shooters i assume were just legally taking part in thier own pastime,try fishing the back end of Swan pool or Salford with the drone of the M6 all day AND night,I once fished a pool just outside Bewdley and shotguns were sounding all day,when i packed up i took a walk over to the other pool where the solitary angler threatened me with all sorts of legal action(i guess cause i was wearing a camo jacket),i could see his point though as he,and half the lake were being showered with lead on a regular basis fro 2 guns in a hide in an adlacent field decimating the wood pidgeon population,now that i found bang out of order.(like the pun),and 20 years after a voluntary ban on lead,anlers get automatic blame for swan deaths due to lead poisoning.these guys had put more lead in that lake in a day than an angler would in 100yrs,i must add that this fellow was in no physical danger,but i doubt id have put up with it.
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