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Coombe Abbey

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  • Coombe Abbey

    What has happened to this once famous bream water ?

    Having not fished this water for several years which has very fond memories for me as both a child and in my later years targeting the prolific bream and specimen zander I decided to have a walk around it with a view to returning.

    What greeted me was one of shock. it was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and there was not one angler on the lake. Several years ago you would have struggled to get a peg in the woods due to the prolific bream fishing unless you were there at 4am.

    On walking around the fishery it was covered in canadian pond weed upto a couple of feet below the surface. The once prolific pegs in the woods were overgrown with reeds and brambles making them unfishable and there were several dead large bream in the margins, one of which bared the obvious signs of otter damage having had its eyes and stomach removed.

    Why has Coventry City council allowed this once famous and prolific fishery to decline to such a state that it is now unfishable ?
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    Fished this magical venue a lot in the 80's & it was a bream anglers dream as you had to beat the likely lads, ivan, roy & the rest. We used to travel from the south of england 100 miles each way. its a disgrace that the council has let it get into this state. One good memory was watching Ivan sitting on his hands on his Brennan & Hickman box to prove you ignore the plucks & shakes & only strike when the tip moved a foot. I think the problem is now every angler is on the puddles & want instant bites & success so therefore the venues that used to be popular such as Coombe, Edgbaston, Thames, Severn, Warks Avon, Bristol Avon dont get fished. We have just had a week away in our touring caravan on a site on the lower Avon near Tewkesbury, fished every morning from 7am for 3-4 hours & bagged up with roach & perch. We need to get back to our natural venues in my opinion as fishing is not all about carp.


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      Coombe has been virtually unfishable all season due to the weed being top to bottom in a lot of places.
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        In a nutshell Coombes problems are down to it being a designated SSSI.The people making the decisions there have more concern for Cormorant welfare than fish welfare.The weed problem is almost certainly in part due to the artificial reefs (supposed to protect juvenile fish from Cormorant predation).
        Whats a commercial fishery ?


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          IMO if the councils are not prepared to maintain the fishing,they should lease them to reputable local clubs at reasonable rents,with the proviso that a reasonable number of pegs will always be available on a day ticket basis,most of the Bham park pools are a disgrace,just a thought,any comments????
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            Originally posted by hurricane View Post
            IMO if the councils are not prepared to maintain the fishing,they should lease them to reputable local clubs at reasonable rents,with the proviso that a reasonable number of pegs will always be available on a day ticket basis,most of the Bham park pools are a disgrace,just a thought,any comments????
            Makes sense,but Coombes problems are not purely down to a lack of funding etc from Coventry Council.The fishery and park are being managed with a emphasis on Habitat and wildlife preservation,and sadly the needs and wishe's of anglers,some of whom will have been fishing there for 40 years or more are secondary.I'm all for protecting and/or helping our indigenous wildlife,but the Herons and other species were doing fine long before the park was given its SSSI status.The Cormorants have decimated the fish stocks in Coombe lake ( and surrounding fisheries) and yet they are being allowed/encouraged to nest within the park itself !!!! As for the weed problem,its seems more than pure coincedence that this started after the artificial reefs were put in place.
            Whats a commercial fishery ?


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              Surely its in the councils interest to maintain the fishery. 30 or 40 anglers paying £5 each to fish is more than a few bird watchers will contribute. I cant believe the way the so called five year fishery improvement plan has totally ruined this fishery. It just emphasises the fact that the people who make these decisions dont have a clue what their doing or is it a case that we anglers arn't important anymore. When you think of some of the big matches that were held on this water and the famous anglers who fished it in the past aswel as the water producing zander 2oz below the current record then the councils complete incompetance is criminal.


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                There was plenty of weed but still good fishing to be had. I had over 100lb of bream on 3 occasions this season. On one evening session on the waggler 8 bream in 3 hours in literally a 10ft wide swim to fish in. Some cracking Tench on the Lindley bank early season. The Roach fishing is going very well at the minute and most of the weed has been cleared.

                Local knowledge is key. I would recommend anyone to get a season ticket for next season as its so cheap.


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                  Fletch79 - fair play mate for sticking it out and finding those swims that had been cleared by a few anglers at the beginning of June. I brought my season ticket at 9.00am on June 16th and walked all the way around to peg One in the woods and couldn't find a swim that was clear. So at 10.30 I was back at the rangers office asking for my money back, no problem they that really wound me up because I just wished they could have been honnest and up front about the situation. Lets hope mother nature and this severe winter does the trick because I haven't any faith in this team of fishery officers finding a solution for next season. Otherwise your 100lb+ plus weights will be just great memories like the late Ivan and Co.


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                    No weed has been cleared at Coombe,the machinery they brought in last summer lasted minutes,and what weed they did remove was full of fry.The reason theres no weed at the moment is simply the time of year,it will die back in the colder months,and by mid april will be growing back again.There have always been lillies in coombe,and the huge weed bed on the first straight,but never the pond weed thats choked it recently.Don't be fooled by the propaganda,this once great fishery is a shell of its former self,and fish stocks are nothing like they should be.I've been fishing there for nearly 40 years,and remember when the water would literally boil in summer as the huge roach shoals would chase the daphnia blooms.I haven't seen these scenes since the mid 80's.Absolutely disgusting how this has been allowed to happen,and all in the name of conservation.You can be sure of one thing though,it'll only get worse,unless it has any detrimental effect on the bird population,than they'll soon find a way of cleaing it !!!!!
                    Whats a commercial fishery ?


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                      A lot of the weed has gone. From peg 1-20 in the woods is totally clear. The rest of the lake has weed on the bottom.

                      Loads of pike have been out this weekend also loads and loads of roach being caught on caster on the first swims by the gate. I see a little section is in angling times today about the good fishing.

                      Dont be put off by the weed you only need to find a clear swim and you will catch.