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what do you do when visiting a new lake

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  • what do you do when visiting a new lake

    hi all being new to match fishing im trying hard to get my water craft upto scratch but wonderd what you guys do when you turn upto a venue for the first you take loads of different ready made float rigs of all different breaking strain lines and hook would you decide where to start rig wise etc or would it simply be trial and trying hard to improve my water craft but any pointers would be really appreciated..thanks in advance

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    Hi, i would look in the paper, on the web etc and get as much info on the new place as possible. if the info points to methos and bans allow a version of it then im confident my tried and tested mix will work.

    if its pole then i have rigs, or patterns im confident with but would already know things like depths from the info i have gathered.

    if in doubt, feeder out.


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      do your homework first is it a pole venue or is it a rod venue find out the results over several weeks how many turns up ie say if 100lb won the last match and only 20 turned up but the week b4 only 40lb won it and 45 turned up it tells you straight away it cant take the pressure so if you turned up and only 20 turned up it will probably need a big weight to win me personally would make the rig on the bank i always found it a waste of time making dozens of rigs just to use a couple of them


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        thanks for your replies much appreciated ..some very good points from both that will be noted


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          ASK QUESTIONS ! ask questions to those that are doing well when they weigh in pick their brain what they fished what they fish rigs ect

          but another point is fish to your own capabilities hope this helps


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            foxey.. state a venue. ill tell you where i look and what i'd do on a given day


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              thanks how about Gold Valley