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most embarasing moment

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  • most embarasing moment

    few years ago in london 3 of us mates lived in a block of masonets we allways whent fishing every sun up to norfolk driving along matey says dam it left me rods at home back we go he seems to be taking his time he apears all red whats up mate just found misses in bed with another bloke i sade have you given them both a slap then he said no we are going to sit down together 3 of us and try to work it out we drove off to of us trying to keep a straight face. aparently every time we whent fishing she used to phone him 2 years it was going ide of slaped them both then gone fishing.

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    That could be another thread. Tollerant husbands.
    Personally i'd of battered him and told her not to be there when i got home.
    On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


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      I'd have chopped em both up and used em in my ground bait :-) :-). I foul hooked a water authority officer before... never had my licence checked since then lol


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        cannot blame the woman can you think how bad it must be married to one of us lot (anglers) maggots in fridge best pans to boil hemp in ing off in garage most nights making rigs and tieing hooks and then coming home after drawing a flier and making right balls up with the face on we are a different breed