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Buying lead

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  • Buying lead

    As the winter gallops ever nearer I was thinking of having a go at making my own feeders so that I can get a decent amount of weight on a reasonably small feeder. Short of climbing on the church roof. Where is the best place to get lead from?

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    Ask a local roofer for his off cuts after he has done some flashing,failing that,buy some flashing from a builders merchant but i doubt it will be cheap.


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      a plumber the best man to see but the problem is its fetching very good prices as scrap so it will probably cost you a drink


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        And you may just be fishing illegally if you do use lead.
        Byelaw relating to use of lead weights by anglers

        No fishing weights made of lead may be used except those of 0.06 grams or less and those of more than 28.35 grams.
        In angling terms this means that lead shot from size 14 to size 8 and lead weights of over 1 ounce can be used in fishing.
        While lead dust shot (size 8 and smaller) are legal, they are toxic to birds if ingested. Use spillproof containers for lead dust shot and always dispose of used lead safely at home.


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          Another option then is lead free wheel weights,unless you have a friendly tyre fitter of course.

          10 STRIP LEAD FREE STICK ON WHEEL WEIGHTS MOTORBIKE CAR on eBay (end time 18-Oct-10 14:07:14 BST)


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            Old car batteries,but take great care,,,,,
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              Brian. Appreciate your input. I am looking to make reasonably sized heavy feeders. So would be looking at 40 grams +. In old money would be 1.5 oz up to about 3 oz. So hopefully I would be legal.


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                avon where are you based.....are you near sharpness


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                  Glugger. I'm just North of Cheltenham