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section stuck

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  • section stuck

    i have broke a section and the break was near the insert so some of the broken section is still stuck in about half inch left out,any idea,s how to get it out ??????

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    Hi,try telesciping the broken section back through and pulling it out slowly.
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      Dont think you can telescope it, as the broken bit needs to be slid inside the remainder of the broken section and judging by the length of the broken bit will not be long enough to telescope it. If its one of the bigger sections an expander bung can be used to pull it out, if its one of the smaller sections try wrapping the protruding piece with a bit of inner tube rubber to get a better grip and try pulling it out, or even some very fine wet and dry emery paper will give you a better grip. If you are going to have a repair done why not let the repairer get it out for you.


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        ok thanks will give that a try ....