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cloudy water and canals

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  • cloudy water and canals

    recently iv seen a local stretch of canal get rather murky, this coinsided with rises in wind speed.
    i know wind makes shallow waters go cloudy but my question is that now the canal has settled down again and the murky water has cleared and it is now alot harder to fish again unlike the amazing days i had with the murky water, what speed of wind do you think effects the water so that it starts to effect the bank its flowing into and changing the colour

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    The wind would create a tow which in affect could colour up the water if its got a silty bottom.The stronger the wind [depending on direction as well]the more tow should be produced.Down my way ive never known a strong wind colour up water,lakes yes but not the canal.The only time we get any colour is if theres an algae bloom in the summer,maybe after torrential rain[pushing mud into the cut],or when a boat goes bombing past.Another thing to colour water is feeding fish.But that should only happen in a landlocked commercial,unless you live near a prolific canal.