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elasticated lead rig!!!!

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  • elasticated lead rig!!!!

    Hi guys, ive been fishing meadow lands, straight lead with pellet and meat have been winning it most mondays.

    I have seen the better anglers fishing a guru lead (looks fixed with a guru micr clip) but then some black elastic?! i assume this is hydro.

    is anyone upto speed with this method and shed some light on how its being setup?



  • #2
    thread the elastic through the clip and attach a swivel on both ends of elastic connect main line on one swivel and hook lengh on other so the lead is slideing on the elastic


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      hi noda, thanks for the reply.

      i have say next to one of the guys, the lead is fixed with a guru micro lead clip for sure... it doesnt move.

      i was looking more for THE rig rather than A rig.

      Steve has just won the festival there wondered if he would shed some light... im coming 4th so just out the money and need a push


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        got to online fishing tv. Steve ringer commercial tactics , he is fishing the lead with 3" of black hydro between two swivels. He uses a running lead on the main line but it could easily be fixed using a lead clip. Hope this helps


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          The Guru lead clip is semi fixed with a swivel that fits into the end of it making a semi bolt rig, the idea of the elastic is not new and was around a good few years back and was popular up North.


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            cheers steve & bri, do you know the ins and outs of the rig.... i understand the guru clip and its benefits but if i put elastic onto the swivel then to a small ring i lose the quick change element to my hooklenght (could put a snap swivel?) but the guys at meadowlands dont so is it just loop to ring?

            any info