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Plan and pack or haul it all?

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  • Plan and pack or haul it all?

    Hi all,
    do you plan a session right down to the setups and specific kit you take or haul the lot and rarely use most of it lol.

    after a good few months ive recently sectioned off my kit and plan my bank time with select kit where as id take every rod/reel and bag and box i have and the kitchen sink before.

    i aim this question to pleasure time not matches.

    by sectioning i now aim to big carp fish or match style specifically feeder fish or pole and not just take kit for the sake of it.

    what do you all do and why, am i alone in packing all but the kitchen sink only to really waste the energy and make life hard lol. Or are you one to just see how the day goes and take it all so your covered even if it doesnt see the water.

    i am finding this planning lark harder than i thought due to forgeting terminal kit or forgetting that little bit box or mix tub etc lol

    Im sure ill get there in the end but what about you?
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    I used to take tackle to cover everything even for pleasure trips not that I fished many matches other than my clubs, but nowadays I try to just take what I need.
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      I plan everything.
      Put together just what i need and end up hauling the lot. Can't help it.
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        i take wot i need ----cant carry health reasons an all
        work is for people who cant fish---i want a job


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          glad im not alone haha. i am trying ive been perch spinning and quiver tipping with worm for perch and only took a fold chair rod and a small ruck sack. it was quite a pleasuable day with some nice 1/12 lb perch a jack pike and a 3lb chub

          finished the day with smiles and a back as fresh as a daisy. huuu raaah
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          Speci Carper


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            I have about 4 different rucksacks for each type... light spinning kit for chub and perch with small tackle box in small lures + stickfloat and 18 hooks.... lure fishing, small box with 13-30 cm lures in depended on where im going so pick certain lures to take..... chub n barbel, hook wallet with small box of bombs lines floats.... and the all mightly full pike it with 2 large boxes for lures and deadbait kits.

            So litteraly walk in grab the bag pack the food and grab rod out of rod bags and im off
            Personal Bests

            Tench-5 1/2lb
            Barbel-10 1/2lb
            Chub 5 1/4lb
            Roach 1 1/2lb
            Rudd 2lb
            Bream 6 1/2lb


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              Take everything!
              I never seem to catch when i take one part
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