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fishing up in the water

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  • fishing up in the water

    only been fishing two years now, and it is pretty much becoming a big part of my life so was wondering how to fish up in water with the pole.
    1, what determines wether i should fish on bottom or up in water.
    2, how do i know what death to set at when fishing up in the water.
    3, what baits to use when fishing up in the water.
    4, what feed pattern to use when fishing up in water

    These are just a few questions i need answering if any one can help i would be truely greatful for your knowledge and if there is anything else you can had I would appreciate it,

    Kind regards

    Andy Shaw

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    1. fish up in the water when its nice weather or summer time eg the water being hot sort of may to now ish
    2.with the depth whatever you want i tend to use this ruleing if i can see carp below on surface use a rig bout a foot deep if i cant but good weather go 2ft and work your way up
    3. u got 2 really you can use maggot and caster or pellet depends silverfish magg and caster and carp pellet
    4. i use 4x14 drennon blob dibber rig for the carp and just have the shot down the line with even gap in between 16 hook with banded pellet it important you do banded as the fish will knock it about and when they take it you want all the hook exposed so they hook themselves
    4b. for silvers / maggot and caster i use a drennon roach this has a longer bristle but is thin and will go straight under with a 18 hook


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      cheers nick, would any body else like to comment


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        As Nick says, when the weather is nice I would start up in the water and other times start on bottom, keep feeding about 6 pellets or sometimes meat or caster all the time and if you get liners, foulhooked fish or signs of fish near the top, try shallower. I have several rigs set up at different depths like 1ft, 3ft, 5ft and on the bottom, providing it's deeper than 5 ft! For proper carp 3 to 5ft is often the best depth but for F1s and roach it's 1ft or less. Every time you feed lift rig out and either lay, slap or drop back in to catch on the drop.


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          thanks nathan.. I should of rung you saturday drew peg 25 on willows at lindholme only managed 7lb 2oz but i left phone in car nobody else round me did much better either.