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method feeder fishing bait tips

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  • method feeder fishing bait tips

    hi guys

    i was wonering if the use of the method feeder would be sutible now that the water is cooling. also what bait would you use g - b or pellets. also what hookbaits would you use i thought the sonubaits hooker pellets would be goos because the are firm and can be left in the water along time without falling off. or a mini boilie.

    over to you guys
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  • #2
    Most places I go, the bomb is better from now till it warms up end of March.


    • #3
      what do you feed then Nath, and how? or do you just fish a single bait and wait for a bite?
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      • #4
        Nothing! Sometimes feed 8mm pellets closer in but catch more further out with no feed.


        • #5
          Is that on meat nathan or pellet,coz half the places near me meat is banned ! if you was using a single pellet what size would you use and when you are fishing with meat what size meat do you use


          • #6
            try a bit of corn ,dipped in a Pinneapple glug


            • #7
              Meat, corn or bread, would never use pellets with no feed. I normally use a punched piece about 15mm thick, 30mm long.


              • #8
                Blimey Nathan, thats a big one! if you pardon the expression.

                Wouldnt dream of doubting you mate, but that seems like a big bait
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                • #9
                  nathan how long do you leave bomb in water bepore recasting and do you cast to same spot every time or would you change area to cast to


                  • #10
                    Anything from 15 mins to an hour! I try other places, normally start almost as far as possible and come back if I get liners and go to the maximum if nothing. Also try either side as far as your peg allows. And that's my medium punch, don't use the big 1 much anymore!