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Matchman hook tyre help?

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  • Matchman hook tyre help?


    I can tie my hooks fine good knot strength but the line kinks in the inch or so above the hook. I ve tryed spit and also trying to pull the knot tight gently, but no joy.

    Help please lads!!!

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    How many times are you going around the hook m8, i personally dont do them tight but let them tighten up as you pull never get the kinks m8.(try being a little lighter with the turns) Other option is to get a pro hook tier, people slag them but trust me no matter dia of line perfect every time.
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      As Rich said the only thing you are doing wrong is wrappping line around hook too tight
      8 to 10 turns depending on hook size


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        I personally never use more than 5 said previously you may be wrapping the line too tightly.....also may be the line you are using, as there are plenty that "kink" during knot tying....I use Garbo-line and never have this problem


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          Thanks for the replies, I think it was a combination of turns being to tight and practicing on cheapo line. Preston power line a bit of spit and bobs your uncle .