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bread punch

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  • bread punch

    hi there i have been given 2 sets of bread punches .how do i use them correctly

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    what you do mate is just punch the bread, give it a few turns and hook it through the little slit in the side of the punch, It sounds complicated but its easy. Connor
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        Put your piece of bread onto a bait box lid, it will make life easier. Push down hard and then twist slightly to cut a clean punch.
        If you find the punch is coming off the hook too easily, try rolling the bread or flattening it a bit with your thumb before punching. This will make the bread too tough for my liking, but there are others who prefer it like this.
        Or, try Mosella's Magic Bread. It has to be soaked before using, but can then be punched leaving a sloppy bread mess, but stays on the hook brilliantly.
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          Don't buy anything other than Warburtons medium, or thick for carp. This stuff is perfect from the bag, just take 3or 4 slices out, trim off the crust and pop em ina bag and seal it up. Remove the rest of the crusts off the remaining loaf and simply shove it all into the liquidiser, until you are looking at a jug of bread crumbs! If you have a nice sieve you can riddle it now, and get out all of the big crumbs, and just keep the super fine stuff for bait. The big stuff can be blitzed again and re sieved, or just use it for cooking!
          Put a ball the size of a hens egg into your swim, down the shelf if my fav and fish it 1" off the deck, fish as alight a rig as conditions allow, and try to drip 3 or 4 grains of hemp in every 5 mins or so
          Hope that helps, I've been bagging carp for week on it, and now its getting proper cold it will just get better
          Can't catch enough.....