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Best Trout Recipe .

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  • Best Trout Recipe .

    after catching your brown trout clean and prepare . with a sharp knife put nice deep slashes on each side of your trout . take 1 oz of fresh dill place a pinch in each slash the rest place inside the cavity. then take 4oz of chestnut mushrooms and 2oz of button mushrooms sliced quite thick and 2 cloves of garlic take a sheet of aluminium foil large enough to fold in half to make an envelope, fold in the edges, place mushrooms, garlic,and knobs of butter in envelpoe, pour over a glass of dry white wine not submerging mushrooms and garlic.taking care not to have your trout touching the wine.Place wo or three slices of lemon inside the cavity,season well with sea salt and black pepper freshly ground! Form the foil into an envelope, place on a baking tray and into a hot oven gas 7 for 12 mins approx, When cooking time is complete remove from oven pour out liquid and mushrooms from envelope ,into a saucepan, discarding garlic,stir two tablespoons of double cream into saucepan and season to taste,Bring to a simmer and pour over your trout and serve ! Then chuck into nearest dustbin!!!!!!!!! In future return all fishes safely, unharmed to their natural environment. I am sure you will feel greater satisfaction, and the fish will live to be caught another day....................................Enjoy
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