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"Survival" hook size

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  • "Survival" hook size

    As I'm new to fishing; I would some advice regarding hook sizes. I'm into wild camping and would like to add some hook to nylons in my survival tin, however I need advice as to which size I should put in tin, (which is small, size of a tobacco tin). I only want one size which would allow me to catch fish of varying sizes, to eat if I should be in a survival situation. Obviously I would not know what type of water I would fishing, in my hypothetical survival situation. What size hook would give me the greatest flexibility in UK waters. Should i stick with barbless, or get barbed for this scenario?



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    you mean for poaching or will you have a rod licence in your tin,about a size 10 barbed .


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      My intention was nothing to do with poaching, i do have an environment agency rod licence, and member of my local fishing club, i certainly would not take fish for the sake of it. My question however very hypothetical and a "what if" situation should you be in a position somewhere in the world where you need to eat to survive, and all you could take with you was a piece of fishing line and one size of hook.

      My intention was nothing illegal, and had not considered the "poaching" aspect of my question, just being a good scout and always being prepared. Thanks for your repsonse.


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        I think u should have different sizes all barbed! Why barbed well in some situations u may nead to leave lines in for sometime i presume if they were barbless the fish would just unhook ........and u may die lol !!
        Ok ur dealing with limeted space but a few hooks in a few sizes will no way take up to much i think.. But if it HAD to be one then something around a 18/16 Barbed!!


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          i would go a 14/16 barbed, good alround with a bit of strength
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            As I am in the military i also have the tin of life. in mine I have a pack of 8 and 14 eyed barbed that's 20 hooks in all an in the packets they don't take any room up more importantly is the line strength and length I have gone for the newer line such as jurasic on 0.20 thats about 7lb as for length I have about 20ft wrapped round a peg u only need to use a short length at a time about 3ft as u tie this to your para cord that u shud carry, don't forget a few weights but you can use small stones for this hope this helps mate.
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