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daiwa airity

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  • daiwa airity

    has anybody held or fished with this new pole is it £800 better than the pro? or is this daiwa just trying to get more cash out of us
    whiskey :rolleyes:

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    i have held the airity at fosters it is a nice pole but it is not worth £900 more than the tourny and a lot of the staff agree


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      The question is not is worth £900 more than the tourny but is it worth £900 i think not to put things into perspective you can go and buy a brand new motor cycle for £4000 with a three year warenty whats more for only 25% more you can buy a small family car
      The real value of a pole is what we are prepared to pay for it and most of us me included are tackle tarts we all want (not need) what he has on the next peg believe me if we keep buying the new poles for stupid money thy will only increase in price .
      Sorry just got off me soap box
      I want an end peg