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Day Out - Thurs 21st Sept

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  • Day Out - Thurs 21st Sept

    I've got an unexpected day off on thursday. Yea!

    I've got my car back from the shop (finally!) and it appears to be working. Yea!

    Add these two seemingly insignificant facts together and it means Dave is going fishing.

    I know it's short notice, but if anyone fancies a day out in the West Mids on thursday, a bit of breaky and some banter, give me a shout!

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    how did it go David did you get any company and where you go to
    In darkness we do what we can
    In daylight we're oblivion


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      Sorry I missed your post Dave we could have had a session up at Elmdon, I am sure we could have found a peg or two on one of the pools.


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        Thanks for asking Monsieur Teepot! Went up Barston for a 4 hour session this afternoon. First time I've been, was suitably impressed.

        I fished really well, finished up with somewhere in the region of 55-60lbs as a guestimate.

        Very enjoyable day. Shall be writing a blog for all my fans in the next couple of days...

        It looks like I'm going to get semi regular midweek days off, so this could become a regular little meeting with a bit of luck.

        Elmsdon next time Brian
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        • #5
          No problem Dave just PM me when you fancy a day out.


          • #6
            Looking forward to reading your blog David .

            P.S. Would you mind sending me some signed underpants please ?

            your BIGGEST fan !


            • #7
              No problem Si, do you want them worn and unwashed, or clean...?
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                As long as you send me the leopard print silk boxers I'm not bothered