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Anytackle web site

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  • Anytackle web site

    Has anyone had any dealings with this 'new' auction, and fishing tackle web site??

    If I am out of order posting this just say, but mate of mine was gonna use it but had to advise him the lack of contact details on the site made me a bit wary.

    Advised him to use local shop or an on line store - or even flea bay...

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    i dont know of them but unless anyone on site has i just think it was good of you to look after your mates best interest


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      Yer i have, long wait for your items,i think its the same lot as any- tackle clearance,leave them bad feedback and they ban you, see there listing of items,they come out with so much crap when you complain about the delivery times,if you buy ten items you pay ten lots of postage and they send the lot together, they are from manchester area


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        it's the guy that was selling a load of shakey mach 2 and 3 rods on ebay months back. i had a few off him with no problems my side.
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          There,s another one on ebay from manchester, fishing tackle clearance been reported for late delivery see there feedback,i think a lot of these,s sellers don,t have the items in anyway and see how many they can sell then buy them in,method in there madness or may be they just think we are all daft