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NFA - Fisho software problem

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  • NFA - Fisho software problem

    I've just tried to apply for tickets for the 2008 fisho tickets and as last year the computer software is not up to it again and has gone down. Why is it that every time a public body or association tries to bring in new technology or build something they get it wrong and it is the tax payer or members that have to cough up.

    The list is endless of computer systems (NHS, lost info) and buildings (Wembley, Scottish parliament) that either don't do what they are supposed to or take far longer to build and all costs spiral out of control.

    Is it that those within these organisations don't have to turn a profit and seem to have immunity from the sack no matter how incompetent they are.

    Anyway with that of my chest i will try again tomorrow you never know they might be has good has there word and have it all sorted.
    Steve Davies

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    thought it was security problem,perhaps some ones hacked
    into it and got all the tickets


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      Ridgeacre, your right it is something to do with security of the program, the same thing happened last year. You would have thought they would have got it sorted by know, they have probably lost a couple of discs with all previous entrants bank details or is that only the DHS.
      Steve Davies


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        we have got to 12th feb
        Team Mosella Black Country

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