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£10 for one commercial carp pool

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    Originally posted by dave1963 View Post
    GAZZZZZZZZZZZ there no one left up there 2 fish it .......they all down here pmsl
    pmsl Dave , it because its too expensive to fish up here mate pmsl

    even after robbed our tackle boxes and cadged all our bait its still cheaper!! pmsl


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      have been saying this for a long time why have 300 pegs empty at £7 or the alternative £5 and have lots of bums on seats no brainer really just clever owners thinking its a bottomless pit of anglers.


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        I like the sound of this bloke!

        Originally posted by Yoshimura31 View Post
        Ask the owner whats so special about his fish that he feels he has to charge that amount which is on average £3 more than other venues Got a new fishery near me called Sykehouse (yorks) he charges £5 and supplies keepnets and landing nets hung up behind every peg and he has his own pellets but you dont have to buy them and he is the soundest guy you could meet and you can use nets pleasuring not just on matches


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          I pay £10 when i go to a certain fishery for a day ticket thats for 2 rods but the pool is wel stocked and only 12 anglers allowed on the pool and u have to book so it is, in my eyes worth it for this one as there is plenty of space between u and the next angler as pool is a big .So plenty of room between pegs too.


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            Anything from £4 to £7 near me


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              My local KJS is £6 a day & you don't have to buy fishery pellets, season ticket was a give away £65 last year. Not bad for 13 ponds.
              I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
              He says he gives me good advice. does he ?