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pole float question

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  • pole float question

    Why do we have "eyes" on pole floats? Whats the advantage?
    My old dad, being a pensioner (and pleading poverty all the time ) never uses the eyes on pole floats, favouring instead to use a float rubber on the bristle. His reasoning being that you do not require mega amounts of rigs, if your set up isn't quite right or you trash a float, you just replace it with another float by removing the rubbers. I keep telling him that there must be a reason for it. Anyone Know the reason for it? I NEED TO KEEP HIM QUIET . Cheers all

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    Hi Jimbo.
    Fair play to your dad , respect due.
    i think he his spot on with what he says, i make my own pole floats and always put eyes on the floats.
    i think it is the done thing today with floats, and we all follow suit, but everyone to there own.
    the only thing i can think of is strength with the eyes on the tip, a bit more stronger than rubber.
    lets wait and see what others have to say.
    all the best steve.


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      Personaly do not like eyes on pole floats all my home made floats have had a groove in the body to eliminate line cutting into float !!
      Been doing this for last 20 odd years & always attach with rubbers


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        I always hear about a grove in the body but in all my years of fishing ive never been bothered by it. Maybe Im using the wrong floats. weak floats that arent up to it yes but a line in the body never. I do use good strong line 0.19 power line and still no problems


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          the only problem with no eye is when you get in snags theres a greater chance of losing the float off in the snag,apart from that the float is actually more balanced without the in my opinion if your not near snags your floats are better connected rubbers only and as stated you can swap floats easily if conditions change if they are only on with once again the wise one as to be listened to and the appretice must take notice.!