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are fish spawning ?

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  • are fish spawning ?

    fished on 4 island at decoy wed, there are only 10 pegs on the lake. each peg you can reach part of any island about 10 mtrs. when we got there all the reeds around the islands where knocking, allso down the edge. we started fishing on the deck around 4ft of water. mone of us where getting many fish just the odd little tench and the odd small f1. everyboddy was shouting out that the fish where spawning because the reeds all over where knocking. after 2 hours trying every thing to get a bite, i thought to myself that the fish are deffinetly a round a foot under the surface. i had a dibber rig set with a pellet band on. i set it a foot deep pushed the pole out to 4 inches from the reeds with a six mill hard pellet on, started pinging 3 to 4 pellets at the float hitting the reeds aswell, i started catching straight away lacky just wacking out, won match with 70 pounds nobody near that weight. my theory being that the fish are not spawning but are just after frogs spawn, and the tapoles that are just about to hatch, so if this week end you are near any reeds or island with reeds. and they are knocking have a try at what i did make, shore that you keep pinging all the time, because they are feeding, when they spawn they just do not feed. ps what do you think could i be right i would like your opinion cheers.

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    Havent seen any spawning yet!
    Its the worse thing that can happen with this short blast of summer weather, as the fish get egg bound and snuff it when a cold snap follows!


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      depends on what fish,perch and tench spawn early and have probably already spawned,as for carp and bream i wouldn,t think they have yet ,with a cold snap on the way i would think it will be at least anoyher month yet.although its been warm during the day the water temperatures are still down due to the cold nights and the water temperature is the main factor when it comes to carp spawning.


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        [QUOTE=gary summerscales;314754]depends on what fish,perch and tench spawn early

        i thought tench were the last to spawn in july


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          Check out this blog for a bit of info

          Aquonix - Fishery Management Consultants - Blog


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            There thinking about it depends on weather temp


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              Originally posted by gary summerscales View Post
              depends on what fish,perch and tench spawn early

              i thought tench were the last to spawn in july
              Late may to june mate in normal 'traditional' conditions. It goes like this
              Feb-mar - Pike, grayling
              Mar - Apr - Perch, dace
              Apr - may - roach, bream, gudgeon
              May - june carp, crucian, tench, rudd.


              Of course this can all change if there is prolonged warm weather in early spring.
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