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sticky baits

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  • sticky baits

    I went out yesterday to a lake, i mixed up some ground bait (not Sticky) i decided to add some Sticky Baits Hydrolised Bloodworm Compound! it was a new full bottle that i bought from Davies Angling in Staines last Saturday. When the cap is removed there is a plastic finger loop that when pulled enables you to release the seal! this proved to be more difficult than it seems!.. i found it was impossible to release by finger!.. i used a tent peg for extra leverage, eventually the seal broke, and boy did it!! it literally exploded! over me, resulting in me loosing some of the liquid compound!...and, at £15.99 for 500 ml it was something i could have done without.There is no warning on the bottle that this might happen. IE: open with care.

    I dont think this has anything to do with Davies Angling. I think the contents generate enough gas that causes pressure in the bottle, this pressure could explain the hard seal and difficulty in releasing it.

    So! has anybody else experienced this?

    I intend to complain to Sticky Baits, i hope they will respond in a positive manner, and, to give me some explaination and replace what i lost.

    lastlly, does anyone have a contact name at Sticky Baits that they can pass on to me please, Thanks.

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    hi mate go back to the shop they should give you there number or he should be able to sort it out for you
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      Thanks for the advice Vidas.