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Fishery feed policy

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  • Fishery feed policy

    Don't wanna make a big kerfuffle about this but what's the norm with owners feeding lakes etc??? I'm not gonna name said fishery as I go quite often and don't wanna become some keyboard warrior and upset anyone and I'm pretty sure noone on here fishes the pace anyway.but, hard days fishing today 18 or so on lake pleasure fishing one blank 5 or 6 only caught one carp most had 2 or 3 I landed 6(2 foul hooked) end of the day owner comes over seeing how we all got on. One guy said oh I blanked it was awful other guy says I had 1 carp all day. To which owner replies oh that might be my fault!???? As the lake not been fished much I fed a 25kg sack of pellet last night!??? Really!?? Is this normal?? It was rock hard worst I've ever seen!!!

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    Oh mate. Really sorry to say it, but that is funny !

    On a serious note, I don't know how big, deep or whatever the fishery is, nor the stocking levels, so not sure how much that amount of feed would affect the fishing.

    BUT my guess is quite a lot, the water is likely still coldish and the fish not eating much.

    Bet you were'nt the only one not happy. Owner doesn't seem too clued up on public relations lol.

    Unintentional cock-up.
    Whitnash Royals A.C.


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      Mate I'll be honest I can only laugh when I think about it!!! Least I whooped my two mates I suppose, felt quite sorry for them having one bite each in 6 hrs mind least I had a few bites!!! Just seems quite hard to believe that with two bank holidays an sat an sun in between they didn't think ther would be many fishing!

      Was an unintentional cock up I think tho as the guy seems quite genuine just wondered why feed so much especially this time of year and with overnight temperature forecast of 0!! As I know nothing of feeding stock etc I thought I'd ask!!! 40 odd pegs lake quite deep in parts 10ft plus, carp to 18lb bream, tench, roach, chub, Rudd.
      Let's just hope tomorrows fishing is better!!! LOL


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        When he says 'the night before' he is likely to mean late afternoon the day before. Assuming your match didn't start until at least 8 am, that is at least 12 hours since the fish were fed. Also assuming it is a heavily stocked commercial, then 25kg of food was probably just a snack! There would have been enough food to just about maintain 2.5 tonnes of fish there for one day and, as I said, half a day would have passed since they were fed. It wouldn't be unusual to have that biomass of fish in a commercial pool of 1 acre! How big is the pool? Any idea?

        It is good practice for owners of commercials to feed their fish and I for one would encourage them to do so, especially at this time of year when their immune systems are still lagging behind after the winter.


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          Pool is around 90-100m x 30m. Thanks for the input mate I'm not against owners feeding fish just wondered if that's what killed it!!! There are a fair few fish in there and some lumps match weights tend to be around 100lb mark this time of year, we weren't fishing a match just a load of us pleasure fishin. Well they've had a decent feed last two days anyway!! Lol


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            ive fished a few commercials over the last 6 weeks and they are usually good fisheries, but it has been really hard and the carp have not shown very well if at all so i think you had one of those days. 2.5 tonnes of fish in an acre of water, ive always been told it is 500Lb of fish per acre, no wonder we struggle to catch