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  • ireland

    Letting off some steam!... My mate cancelled our joint trip to the Republc of ireland!...we were going in his four wheeled drive Frontera as we knew his car would be better in getting access to some of the waters!.. those of you that have been to the ROI will know what i mean?... so im still keen to go!.. so i got in touch with Stena Ferries to get a fare for 2 weeks in May via Fishguard, to my amazement!... im flabberghasted!!... they want £316.00 for a retun ticket!! why?..its because i have a van(Fiat Scudo). i have taken the van to Holland, Stena charged me £15.00 extra each way for the van! whereas the want £142 extra for Ireland, why such a big difference?...on the Holland boat we were on car deck!...and not on the commercial deck, so, it cant be on the basis of size, as the van does'nt take up anymore room than a big car.

    I have phoned Stena to ask them to consider a reduction in the fare, to bring it in line with a car fare which is£174.00. anyway i got as far as Customer Services to plead my case! which is !, im 72 retired, the van is my only vehicle, it was purchased and kitted out solely for my angling (ask John on here Lambrettasx200) i spoke to Carol who was sympathetic, she says she passed the details to Fishguard Frieght, who would get in touch with me ( Alexandra Smith), and, guess what! not heard a dicky bird in 3weeks, i again phoned Carol who confirmed that she had indeed passed on the details, and will do so again!.. that was 2 weeks ago!.. so 4 days ago i emailed Stena for a reply!.. not a dicky bird. Maybe i should have sent it as a complaint and not as general enquiry

    It may be that they dont consider it worthy of their consideration, but surely a reply would be polite, so what is the use of a Customer Services dept that does'nt follow things up, they seem to completely useless. i told Stena so. I bet you i would have had reply if i was Eddie Stobart.

    Irish Ferries is not any better i tried there Customer Services!.. but they seemed just as bad if not worse. Their fare is about the same. Seeng the state of the economy in Ireland you would have thought that they would be bending over backwards to get people there?. as i see it the costs are prohibitive!.. not only that is it a reflection of the cost of living in the ROI since the banking crisis, has it gone up that much? i have not been for 5 years,.....It looks as if i might have to bite the bullet if want to go! anybody got any ideas, thats about it.

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    Sorry to hear about your problem,for some reason its a fair bit cheaper from stranraer than holyhead,we drive to scotland 6+ hours instead of holyhead under 4hrs so save a bit of money and the roads from belfast to nr. carrick much better than dublin.Tesco clubcard vouchers are worth 4 times the value when used to book stena i think,non of us shop at ripoff tescos so not 100% sure but thats what iv'e been told.Also ferry cheaper when booking through irish holiday company if its not to late,hope you get get sorted mate......


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      Get in touch with help the aged lol


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        lol kick a man when he's down


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          Im allowed hes a mate or he was


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            its ok John.No offence