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Seat box help

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  • Seat box help

    Hi guys, for years i couldnt see the attraction of lugging a large metal box (along with all other items) with me everytime i went fishing.

    However after today i have changed my mind. Just spent the day at my local commercial and met up with an old friend. I have never been too much of a commercial man and much prefere river fishing, but after a bad winters worth of fishing went to the commercial this morning and had a great day.

    My main grumble was lugging all my gear around, korum accessory chair, korum rucksack, fox bait bag, greys holdall, preston net bag and my umbrella. I was looking at purchasing a barrow and trading the rucksack & baitbag for a barrow bag but after having half an hour sat on my mates seatbox and loving how comfy and practical they are have decided to sell some of my other gear and put the cash towards a new box.

    I am wanting one which is solid (not too fussed about weight) and which has the option to convert into a trolley if possible and finally one which i can add 2 rod rest attachments, a tray on the other side and a padded bar for the rear of the rod rests. I also like the idea of a footplate although not sure if i will use it.

    The 3 i like the look of are:
    Daiwa 100 seatbox £230
    Preston x6s £320
    Preston space station £400

    Can anyone tell me the things i should be looking for between these models or can you recommend a better box? I dont really pole fish so if I can find a box which will hold a couple of reels i would be happy.


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    I used to have a preston x6s and they are great boxes, however the height of the footplate is not adjustable and the little plastic bits on the drawers come of easily. I sold mine got a fox msb brand new for £280 and think it's great Also dont rule out the new matrix box as well (i know you didn't suggest these two!).. Space stations are also very good, stable and have lots of accessories & spares but they are very heavy.


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      whichever box you go for don't forget a sherpa from shakespeare if you have to walk any distance, turns a seatbox into a rucksack.
      i'm not lazy, just energy efficient.


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        i have a space station myself at the moment they are great apart from the weight

        personally lookin at ever maver or daiwa boxes at the moment


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          Matchbox are also worth concidering, you can customise it to suit yourself within reason.


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            A member on here has a 2nd hand Fox MSB for £150. Brilliant box & used by a lot of the anglers on here.


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              Does anyone know when the new fox matrix box is out.
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                just bought a fox msb 2 from climax tackle dronfield £199,,,box,footplate,height extender all included,,one of the lightest boxes ive picked up
                Sean Hanrahan


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                  maver mxi 3 is a great box and you can make up your own box to suit your needs with the add ons and wheel kit


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                    Nordik octbox bloody huge, little draws and hidey holes everywhere.
                    With wheels and handles and could take the weight of me and you.
                    Solid as a rock.
                    Fosters of Birmingham - the complete fishing tackle specialists


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                      buy british you know it makes sense
                      a good honest write up hear, The Maggotdrowners Forum - Platt-Forms Series 3 seat box


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                        eskimo im really surprised you want to go to a seatbox, they get heavy when you put your stuff in. change your rucksack for a ruckbag and carry your chair and ruckbag on your bag, you will be able to squeeze your nets in as well. if you do need wheels buy the korum trolly, you just put your chair on it and use it to push your bags on then you only have to carry your rod bag