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Angling Club insurance

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  • Angling Club insurance

    This topic has been subject to many threads but is most important, and I believe worth raising again. Our club currently have a public liability insurance which is due to renewal and like all insurances has had a large increase in its premium so I am looking for a more competative price, we are a small club of some 25 members who fish contests and pleasure fish, we donot have any of our own waters so book local fishery venues, the club was formed in 1940 and have never made any claim on any insurance policy, so has anybody got vany information on who we could approach for alternative quotes from. Your help would be much appreciateded.

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    Excuse my ignorance but why do you need public liability for a fishing club?
    Don't you just love it when your daughter kicks your ass:o


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      Thats what i was thinking,the places you fish will need the public liability


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        our club insurance policy doesnt just cover the club it covers us if we are out pleasujre fishing etc, also if you have youre own water you definatly need it,
        we have around 60 members at a cost around 250 a year so i think thats not bad really


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          Originally posted by jaybagpuss View Post
          Excuse my ignorance but why do you need public liability for a fishing club?
          Jay we looked into this and we thought the same as you, look in to it and you will be surprised what bad things can come your way as members of the committee if you don’t have it. Remember we have inherited the American blame culture and it is far easier to get compensation these days off others.

          Trentman3. Yes the fishery will have PLI but that is for their use not yours. If you are fishing and the wind blows your brolly which hits a man on the bank causing him injury why should the fishery pay ??. Also if you organise comps then again that is your idea and wish, not the fishery. The fishery would only look at anything they have organised like an open.

          We as a club thought the same and some people don’t give it a second thought, but we have cover now, as said before we are all covered in the club whenever we go out club match or pleasure.

          Hope this helps guys.

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            I found the best way is for the club to join The Angling Trust and go through their insurers, it was the cheapest way for us


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              the club i am in has always had cover through Jelf/Clarke Roxburgh , they have always given good advice and are very competitive, costs approx£200 a year to cover 100 members p.l.i. and accident , trophies ,Trustees indemnity& a basic employers liability.
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                Thanks for the replies we are at present with Jelf/Clark Roxburgh but as is the trend today I am oblicated by our club to test the market for the best value for money which must include all the optitions as set out with our existing insurance cover. As for the Angling Trust I have mixed feelings and the verdict is still open as to the advantages in joining,
                and value for money, my feelings are have they got the interest of the smaller clubs at heart? Should any one have any information on Brokers or Insurance companies I could contact I would be most greatful.