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pole floats??

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  • pole floats??

    can someone please explain to me what the different types of pole floats are such as 4x14 and so on.
    may sound daft but never really understood

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    4x14 means 4 no 14 styl weights to cock the float if they what you want to know
    Let us all bag up


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      4x14=0.4g 6 x no 8 shot hope this helps regards john rhodes


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        Hi Phat elvis.
        i found a chart with shotting weights on it, do not know where.
        but 1 number 8 shot =0.068grams.
        4x10 = 0.15g
        4x12 = 0.2g
        4x14 = 0.4g
        4x16 = 0.5g
        1 ssg shot =1.6g
        1 AAA shot =0.8g
        1BB shot = 0.4g
        1 no 1 shot = 0.3g
        1 no 4 shot = 0.2g
        1 no 6 shot = 0.1g
        so you can roughly work out what it will take, just buy a spaghetti jar and test them in that, if it sinks to much shot, adjust accordingly.
        nine times out of ten you will find you have to fine tune them when you get them to the pond you are fishing, just deppends how much tip you want showing.
        Hope this has helped you out.
        All the best steve.


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          and just to add confusion, stots follow the same scale as normal split shot whereas styl weights go the other way, hence i try to buy floats with the weight printed on them to save large amounts of swearing as i need to reshot the rig before i can fish.
          i'm not lazy, just energy efficient.


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            nice one fellas a great help thanx


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              No8 weighs 0.06g therefore 7x No8 = 0.4g