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Pole fishing in the wind.

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  • Pole fishing in the wind.

    I tried to fish a 30" deep swim in the wind today. I used a wire stemmed pencil float using expanders for skimmers & roach. Found it hard to see float in the waves. Is there a better float I could use...?

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    how wide is the swim,wide enough to flick a small bomb across and fish the tip instead..?


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      I was fishing off a field but never thought of bomb fishing.... Have got a Preston quick cone that I could try next time.


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        In the wind you dont want to be using a pencil float, something pear shaped with a wire or glass stem, such as a hillbilly chump or ackoo stabiliser. You also want to leave a long length of line between pole tip and float so that if your pole does get blown around then it wont move your float. You can also try using backshot.
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          i like to use the shape of float at the back of the photo! An upside down version of the one in the forground ,which i might add isnt stable at all in wind....
          Also more line between tip and float helps along with puttin ur tip under water!
          A pole fished waggler also works well as can a very long pencil float!!!