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Fly-Fishing starter kit help!

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  • Fly-Fishing starter kit help!

    What should be included in the perfect fly-fishing starter kit? Can anyone advise me on what should be in the ideal fly-fishing starter kit? Thanks.

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    a rod, preferably a 6-7weight, a reel, backing (for the reel), a WF floating line to suit the rod. A selection of flies (nymphs, dries and lures). Leaders. a net.

    Try - they have lots of stuff on there, and will even advise if you email them.
    Real men fish rivers


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      Your asking on the wrong forum mate
      Try typing fly fishing forum into google and you should get the fly forum .
      I do alot of fly fishing and this forum is full of very helpfull advice.

      A suitable outfit will depend on what type of water you plan to fish whether its a large or small stillwater river etc.
      This will make a difference to what rod, line and flies you choose.

      If you let me know I will try to suggest some suitable items for you and also an idea of budget would help.


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        A mate of mine has just put his gear on ebay, should be a bargain second hand


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          Cheers for the advice. In response to Marcus I am looking to do fresh water trout fishing and I am looking for is a decent basic set with all the necessary fly-fishing equipment. This is fly-fishing starter kit is one I found last but need to know does it cover all the right bases? Any more suggestion would be appreciated.


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            It"s like all forms of fishing, there"s no such thing as the "all round" outfit that will cover all situations,but the set up suggested by JC is a pretty good compromise.
            The outfit you have linked is more suited to small rivers or streams,yes you can use it on stillwaters but may struggle for distance especially in windy conditions.
            Do you have any friends who flyfish?as a trip with a competant angler would be of immense help,not only making the correct choice of tackle but also you will need to learn how to cast.
            It"s not that it is some mystic art but it does require the correct technique and timing.
            There are plenty of kits on the market that will get you started,I will have a look and seeif I can put up a couple of links for you to consider.
            Regards Peter.
            Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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              Not a mystic art ? ??


              It's the only way to inner peace lad !


              Avoid kits.

              4 weight is too light to learn on

              At first, buy a cheap rod, there's a 50/50 chance you will break it.

              Shakey oddysey by far the best VFM. I would get this, or perhaps a 9' #6


              Reel.....I have one of these, love it.


              Line. This is the trickiest bit to get right to get the best out of a rod, these are very good, and generally slightly heavy for their given weight, they are about half a weight heavier than stated, this will help casting early on.


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                Your havin a laff aint you Mike,I can get a complete kit for that price and catch trout with it on virtualy any trout fishery in the country.(most of my lines are mill ends and are as cheap as chips)
                As for breaking rods?? what are you doing with them.
                Its not difficult to cast a fly line,never met anyone I couldn"t get to a reasonable standard within a couple of hours.
                Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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                  No Peter, the rid reel and line I suggested is less than £100, less than his #4 Snowbee kit

                  And yes, you can go and buy one of these £20 kits from aldi and catch on it!

                  Breaking head nymphs do that !

                  Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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                    Goldheads Mike,what are you doing firing them out of an air rifle and useing the rods as
                    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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                      Peter, I used mill ends and still do, but I have had the odd snotter. All lumpy and full of memory.

                      Some lines are clearly a rip, but those rio's as I posted above are worth it when you find the right weight for your rod.

                      You wouldn't have a newbie try and learn on a £20 aldi special kit would you?

                      Anyway, as stated, the fly forums is the place, there's also loads of used gear on there and the prices always seem reasonable.

                      Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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                        No mike,apart from the 5ft holdall wich takes my two tele"s,net,handle,pod,and a few other bits and pieces for my awayday kit and the bulk boxes of mini glow sticks I would not touch any tackle from Aldi,but I have a TFG starter kit that cost me under £20.00 that lives in the boot of my car for oportunist occasions,and its very useable in many situations and I have taught people with it.
                        What I am saying is that a lot of the "kits" are more than adequate and that catching trout on the fly is available and within reach of anyone prepared to put a little time and effort into learning a few basic techniques.
                        Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.