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Got wet

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  • Got wet

    Went out bit bashing this evening with my 7ft #2 ( a rod for tiddly stream trout ) at a local pond. I made some tiny bread flies by superglueing some fake bread to some 3.6lb/18 spade hook to nylons I had lying about. they were really just white fluffy buzzers, nothing to them.

    All was good, plenty of roach, just tiddlers, but the wind was here there and everywhere, so good casting practice

    As it was Getting dark I tightened into something a bit bigger. It ripped off, and as I adjusted my feet and checked the line was free under my feet the ground collapsed beneath me. I was standing in an overflow thing, with my feet in about 1" of water. The concrete paving slab I was on just rocked, and went, me with it.

    I don't know how deep it was but I was over waist deep by the time I clambered us this sinking slab and got a hand on the bank. Dragged myself out, to much cackling from other anglers, and got back to the fish which was still taking line.

    A further 5 mins and it was in, I could not believe how much stick that little rod would take, I could feel the handle bending. The fish this rod was built for are usually about as long as the cork

    Anyway, here was the culprit, and below what was left of the overflow. Where you see water in the V, is where I was stood.

    Drove home in my underpants, quite liberating.


    Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.

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    Lol! You are indeed a carpstalker! Oh,and a clumsy git! ;-)
    Nice fish on a fly rod though mate.
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    Alwight tweacle?


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      That looks like wildie to me


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        Dunno if it was wild or not...still pleased though, not every day you get a fish with a pelvic half the length of you cork, and a head bigger than your reel

        I might move up to a 4 weight, give me a but more oomph

        Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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          Originally posted by Frisky Fish View Post
          That looks like wildie to me
          Wild? I think Luke must've been LIVID at having fallen in! LOL

          Nice fish, well done!