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River Bream...where to start???

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  • River Bream...where to start???

    Im ashamed to admit it but...I live in Ireland and have yet to catch a Bream!

    But my excuse is that I'm only getting seriously into coarse fishing now after years of flyfishing.

    Anyway...I have a river close by...its a very long river but the section I am considering meanders for maybe 15 miles and is quite narrow (20 - 25 feet) and quite featureless and to be honest a little daunting.

    It holds Pike (quite hard to find but they can get very big), maybe roach (it does elsewhere) and definitely bream (spotted by a passer by who recognised dark humped 'backs' out of the water and I'm sure from my research its bream).

    One section Im interested in starts at a road bridge where there is quite a deep swim/hole maybe 17 or 18 feet, right by the bridge....the rest of the river for miles appears to have quite an even depth of 4-6 feet in the middle section...and as I say...quite featureless above the waterline.

    Can any of you guys give me some tips on where to start looking and best techniques, baiting etc for tackling such a venue??? Should I even be looking at a static or roving approach???

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    Look for Bays in the Far Bank any swims that are conciderably wider are usualy holding places, the out side of bends ,Deeper stretches of slower moving water even wier pools all can hold Bream
    You could Pre-bait a couple of likely looking swims for a few days before giving them a go !!
    My approach would definately be a static approach
    To pre -bait you could just use Plain Breadcrumb a few Micro pelletts & corn
    It need not cost you a fortune
    Let us know how you get on !!
    What River are you Targeting ??


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      What about much is too much etc? Should I be opting for feeder fishing?


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        Feeder fishing & experiment with the length of tail perhaps 2ft to start with, if theres not too much flow use a cage feeder & as Col said plain brown crumb, pellets, corn & also get some worms. I dont know where abouts you are but the biggest shoal of bream I have ever seen was in Southern Ireland on the River Barrow at a place called Athy opposite the church. The priest used to come down the lawns from the church & bless the anglers.

        Good luck,