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Getting the balance right???

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  • Getting the balance right???

    The last couple of times I have fished at Packington Somers - Gearys, Little Gears and Molands - on the pole; I have just been pestered by small roach and rudd. I have tried just putting a few feed pellets in - micros and 4mm - and have also tried increasing the volume of feed, but still get pestered by small fish. It seems the more feed I put in the smaller the fish seem to get. I did think that you used more fed to fed off the small fish, this does not seem to be happening.

    I normally use 4mm and 6mm expander pellets and catch just a couple of crusians and small F1s then the small fish seem to push their way in and the larger fish out.

    Any ideas or thoughts would be most appreciated
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    I don't know the water, but first thing I'd try is switching feed to caster.
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      The only way is to use bigger baits like 8mm and 11mm hard pellets as feed and hook baits. Micros are a great bait but every thing eats them and the larger fish dont a get a look in some times. Soft pellets= small fish in my book at this time of year.


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        hi i fish molands a bit , i have caught all of my fish in recent matches on 8mm pellets feeding them to the island and fishing the bomb,pellet waggler or waggler on the deck. on the pole i would suggest fishing the paste on the hook feeding hard pellet 4 or 6mm. bomb and 8mm pellet is working on gearys and my favourite approach for little gearys would be shallow pole and pellet although i dont fish these as often as i do molands.


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          I fish there every week[weather permitting]and im surprised that you havent mentioned catching skimmers!The lakes you have mentioned are full of skimmers and proper bream and i will target them by putting a pot of micros in then loose feed 4mm pellets over the top once your swim starts to fizz.You will normally start with smaller skimmers but the constant feed will bring in the better bream plus crucians,tench carp etc.Only on very hard days will the fish remain small even then the odd lump will pay a visit.Im presuming you have plumbed up properly because if your not on the bottom that could be why you are catching the small stuff.You could try feeding pellet and using meat or corn on the hook,that should sort some better fish out.If you fish close in then use paste instead of pellet.After i have loose fed for a while the fish will come shallow but i ignore the little twitches etc from the bits and wait untill the laccy pulls out otherwise you will be constantly rebaiting your pellet hookbait if you keep striking at every bite.You havent mentioned how far you fish out,but pleasure fishing you dont need to go out too far,i only go out 8-9 metres at most.Next time you go to packington and see someone catching well,go and see what they are doing as a couple of little tweaks could make all the difference.Sorry i couldnt be more helpfull,
          good luck