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Full Circle on bait

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  • Full Circle on bait

    Hi all
    In my early days of specimen fishing the main baits used were paste in many forms and naturals . With the modern day type of multi rod fishing and heavy baiting with extra long sessions were bait changes are infrequent I can see the need for hard boiled paste (boili,s) and hard pellets. But for a few hours session a soft bait will surely out fish a hard boiled bait. At time we used to find that small fish would brake down our paste bait balls so on these swims we would drop a paste ball in a pan of boiling water for a couple of minutes this would put a skin on the ball and give the larger fish a chance, I am sure the attractors must flow out of paste better than a Boili or hard pellet, But if you pay out more money I believe you can glug but this will soon wash away. Just my opinion.
    When did you last use a small white slug over you free offerings Yes we used to use more than potatoes in the old days But back in the seventy's fishy cat food, sausage meat, paste was always successful for me, then in came the expensive high protein multy mix pastes,yes they worked but still did not out fish my two for me, although I found soya flour made the best paste with added eggs
    Casting a free lined lob worm or a bunch of maggots to a bubbling fish was often a success. But it it well documented in the specimen world that locating the fish is the most important thing to successful angling, You can catch big fish anytime of the day on most waters if you fish the swims were the fish feel safe slap bang in the middle of a bid weedy Lilly pad, on the very edge of a over hanging trees with sunken branches and Roots, in a reed bed against an island, But you must have the tackle to cope with the type of swim you fish,and today it is made easy,a very powerful rod (I used a 9' solid glass pier rod back in the old days) but today 3.5TC stalking rod and 40lbBS braid will stop the fish in its tracks no stretch to dive into the roots or cut through the Lilly's like a scythe And for casts up to 20yards a simple one inch crust with a dab of your chosen flavor((Marmite is mine full of amino acids and minerals)) free lined on a size 2 or 4 very strong eyed hook.
    Really if the big fish are there you really can catch them give it a try.
    I suppose you have heard it all before but it worked for me.
    Now I will sit and read, and learn how to fish my new venue from a easy to access solid tow path the Bude canal.