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  • Garbolino Help

    Hi all i recently purchased a garbolino maxim double ready holdall from fishomania from the so called GARBOLINO stall only to find out when i used it for the first time the weekend the zip had totally snapped off. I have been in contact with GARBOLINO who have fobbed me off saying its nowt to do with them and i should contact whoever sold it me. Does anyone know who the GARBOLINO stall belonged to as i want it exchanging.Having spent £150 on GARBOLINO tackle on the day i am not over pleased with their reply and will not purchase anything GARBOLINO AGAIN
    Cheers Tysontim

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    Get hold of Angling Trust as the run the fisho and they should have a list of the sellers. or phone them on 08447700616

    I would complain as the sellers should be vetted.

    I always ask for a receipt when i buy at shows they don't like it but you need proof of purchase when dealing with insurance.

    Hope you all the best in finding these swines and getting an exchange


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      I would suggest that you call Garbo again and this time don't mention you have a prob, rather just ask for the contact details of who ran their stall at the show, then hopefully you'll get the info you need so you can go to that person/company and get sorted.

      If however they say we ran it then you have them over the barrel and they have to sort you out directly, if they don't give either then try posting on say their facebook page or their sponsored anglers and they will soon help you out.
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        Found out it was vale royal angling and they will exchange it but i have to post it back at my own cost( £9.75 tracked) which makes it a dear holdall might just put up with the broken zip but will never buy from there again.


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          Glad you found out who sold it under their name, as for postage I think and I could be wrong but if an item is faulty then the costs involved in returning an item should be covered by the seller not the buyer, personally I would return it at your cost and include a letter requesting they refund you the cost of postage under distance selling regs (even if this isn't listed its worth a try)
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            technically it wont be covered by distance selling regs and the principal would be the same if you bought it from a shop, if it was faulty you would have to drive back to the shop to swap it and the principal here is the same you would either have to drive it back or post it, it's just unlucky that you purchased it at a show, although im sure Vale angling will do something to save on bad press as the are at the same event every year.
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              Though it leaves a bad taste the reason for Garbos responce is that legally your claim is against the retailer not the manufacturer. Most companies respond in this way by refferering you back to who sold you the goods though they will sometimes become involved if you are getting poor treatment from the retailer. Chezzydan is correct Vale Royals liability is the same as if you had bought it from their shop you take it back to them and they will change it.

              Buyer beware when you buy from tackle shows it can be expensive if abything goes wrong.