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First pole advice

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  • First pole advice

    Hi, i'm pondering getting my first pole. I've never used one before and i could do with some suggestions on which is a good first pole but not too expensive as i don't know if it will suit me. Around 8 to 11 meter size and something with will be able to cope with a commercial fishery. I'd rather get a second hand decent one than a new rubbish one.

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    i have a decent pole you could buy. pmsent


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      I'd say to start with what is your budget? next try a few as even something that sounds like a great deal might not suit you and no sooner that you've bought one you could be looking at changing it so try a few before you buy anything.

      If you are a member of a club ask as many as poss if you can try theirs to get an idea on what you like/want
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        I would want to spend around £100-150 i think as there are other bits i would need to get before i could start using it.


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          Daiwa Sr1 or Xr1 as its now known, no doubt that this would be the best for it was for me. It will serve you well.
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            get a good margin pole.8m or 11.5m margin pole.