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cralusso wagglers

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  • cralusso wagglers

    can anyone tell me how to get the hang of using these floats !! .... they cast last like an arrow and definately cast further than there equivalent standard waggler but despite feathering down they just tangle all the time ..perhaps they dive to deep on entry im not to sure...i attach them on the metal loop with a bead snap swivel , should i be using the dedicated attachment.. ive tried messing around with my shotting patterns but nothing seems to alter the end result.. im really frustrated , can anyone help

  • #2
    I've had no issue using them with the dedicated Cralusso float adaptor.


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      thanks sam .. i will give them a try .. they are certainly worth persevering with .. i cant believe how much further they cast .. have you tried the sliders aswell .. i know alot of top lads and they are using the pellet wagglers .. they look a bit odd


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        I've not tried the sliders, can't stand normal sliders so I'm not going to bother. I have used most of the other Cralusso floats and pole floats.


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          over priced


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            they certainly have got the flat float technology sorted ... the surf is unbelievable ... its amazing how it works .. they are a bit pricey but you dont mind paying if they work...


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              It was the Bolo floats that set me off. However, I'm yet to pay full price for any of the Cralusso stuff I've got my sticky mitts on.