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lines and hooklengths

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  • lines and hooklengths

    Hi. just watched winning pegs 5 and lee kerry uses .18 main line (4lb) and .15 hook length (5.5lb). the method was pellet wag. I know you use a stronger hook length than main line when method fishing as it is shorter meaing less stretch but thought it would be the other way round on pellet wag. Does anyone know the reason for this? i have allways made my hooklenths lower than main such as 8lb main line 6lb hooklength. lookforward to peoples responses.
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    Same reason, i use 3lb maxima mainline, 6lb middy low viz hooklength, the long stretchy mainline will not snap before the short, pre-stretched hooklength! Most hooklength lines will not be as strong as claimed anyway! The diameter of the mainline is still slIghtly thicker than the hooklength.


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      I must be doing some thing wrong. I use 0.22 mine line (14lb) and 0.19 bottom (7lb 6oz)!


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        Originally posted by Frisky Fish View Post
        I must be doing some thing wrong. I use 0.22 mine line (14lb) and 0.19 bottom (7lb 6oz)!

        lol, pull a bit them dolphins
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          What 0.22 line is 14lb?


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            Comic Fendreel line it's all I use on all my reels. Strong stuff and it won't let you down


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              i would not dream of using 14ibs line on a float or feeder rod !!
              it is far too strong !!
              the line needs to be balanced to the power of the blank for optimum performance .


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                You dont fish where we do. I use a 30lb braid leader to stop the carp from snapping my main line on the rocks. Its hard going at times, you need good line and a good rod with plenty of poke