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carp advice

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  • carp advice

    Hiya guys
    i fished my loacal lake after the closed season 1st june
    I need advice on a local lake by me.
    i fished it on the 1st of june with a float and bread flake on bottom.
    I saw hundreds of carp surfacing on the lake so i thought i would try surface fishing for them
    To my dissapoinent no bites what so ever.
    no matter what i tried i could not get a bite i tried corn bread groindbait pellets and also cat meat
    Could some one give me advice what i could been doing wrong

    My thery on

    The carp was still spawning on the lake and not feeding.
    I fished it the very first day after the close season
    I must add people was catching on the boilies and zig rigs but i didnt on the float which notmally i do very well on this lake

    any advice would be great
    Thank you on advance

  • #2
    probably poor presentation of your rig or bait


    • #3
      I have used the float rig for ages and had success on it.
      I forgot to add i had one carp at 6.4 lb but thats the only take i had


      • #4
        Did you plumb up your swim?


        • #5
          Yes i plumited my swim i wad fishing about 5 feet on bottom


          • #6
            Did you try fishing shallow between 1ft-2.5ft.


            • #7
              Like you fordy, If i could see the Carp cruising i would have used the Pellet Waggler method.


              • #8
                pedigree chum mixers !! don't soak'en in water !! milk, cola, old beer or lager or diluted carp glug..