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  • colours

    I am told that this time of the year that my groundbait should be mixed to blend in with the lake bed as close as possible and that a light mix would spook warie fish. so why does a floro super bright pop up etc not put them off or any other brite bait, Matt Hayes says that red is a good colour for line as it becomes difficult to see in water, yet a red maggot is as good as any to get a bite, and a red flash or red wool on a pike lure is good, and why does white punch crumb work so well. Does the groundbait need to be dark becouse in light state the mass colour would be over powering and fish would back off and not feed or swim over it. There are some groundbaits on the shelves that say quote use all year round and these are coloured light. In winter when the colour goes out of the water is it right to use a hi vis bait or a flavoured bait or both. sorry i will shut up now, Thanks all Gerry.

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    There is no rule set in stone...most coloured baits work either cos the taste/smell/colour contrast arouses the curiosity of the fish. Venues may vary, as will the depth that light can penetrate the water due to the lack of clarity in commercial fisheries for example. We're led to believe that fish see in monochrome (like watching black and white TV) I in a commie you'd think that the only time a fish would get a good view of your bait would be in the top few inches where the sunlight can penetrate.
    If you go through the entire sensas catologue the europeans have stacks of species specific groundbaits. A lot of these tend to be lighter in colour and you can even spice them up by adding flouro red and yellow particles which can be bought seperately. Also available are numerous dyes to totally change the colour of bait/groundbait.
    Think about bread and couldn't get 2 lighter colours if you tried but they both work well all year round despite niether of them occuring naturally in the fishes natural environment.
    The only way to get answers is to do the legwork yourself at the venues you fish.


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      Great question but we'll never really know the answers, all theory!


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        It's easier for predators to see prey fish shadows over light groundbaits when the water is clear.


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          Yes, so why does liquidised bread work so well!?


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            fella won our club match on a orange bed of micro's with luminous pink bread on the hook... we all blanked using dark GB & pinkies


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              Originally posted by NathanWatson View Post
              Yes, so why does liquidised bread work so well!?
              But you don't usually create a bed of bread, you feed little and often. It's just a theory, i'm probably wrong.