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Carp location

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  • Carp location

    I often here the word line bite, and i know this is when a fish touches the line, but my question is when the feeder or bomb is cast out 40mtr into the lake that is 15ft deep that is a lot of line in the water, so when the tip moves from a so called line bite were is that fish , is it moving the line in the area of the feeder/ bomb/ bait etc or higher in the water were the line is rising up to the rod tip. So when anglers look for line bites to locate the carp is there a particular way the tip moves to tell were the fish are, say 10mtr out or 25 mtr out or just 10mtr from the bait or is it a case of casting shorter each time until you get a true pullround Rich Wilby writes in UK CARP about cold water clues and line bites to locate the carp but were are the carp in relation to that length of line from rod tip to bait? I know carp can be off the bottom so if the tip moves without a proper bite that movement is created by a fish touching the line somewhere along 30mtres of it i take it, Im i rite in thinking the deeper it is, and the longer the cast the harder it becomes to tell were those carp are when that line bite happens, i just dont get it.

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    In deep water the fish could be sat at 6ft so you don't need to be to far out if your getting line bites. The fish could be 2 ft off the bottom and not that far from your hook but no matter how close they are unless you pop a bait up of the bottom you won't get a take. If you think about it logically you can find the fish quite easily. Catching them is another story this time of year! Are you getting plenty of line bites?


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      Hello, Frisky Fish I know what your saying i think, so if its a line bite it can be from a fish touching the line any where along the line from were it enters the water all the way to the feeder/ bomb etc. so how does it make location easy when the line is going on a angle from rod tip to 40 mtres out into 15ft of water that line bite could come from a fish at any depth any distance from the bank so when anglers say i was on fish i was geting loads of line bites the fish could have been no where near the feeder/bait do you see were i am coming from? Last time out i had 4 or 5 liners, the tip would go round 90 deg and then fly back and leave the line slack with nothing . So i changed to a zig and tryed different depths and casting shorter, and still had a liner those fish were there somewhere maybe it was as you say geting them to take the bait this time of year is another story. O yeh i did end up with a blank. Thanks for your reply frisky fish nice one


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        For carp in winter Bread is one of the best baits. I fish 3 big disks on the hook sqeezed together so they stay on for on the deck or I add crust to pop up. No loose feed. If you cast out at range and you get liners then try the same spot popped up If you still get liners and no takes then try closer in until liners stop. You then have the range in which to explore more with zig rig


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          On still waters i find that if i fish with only the slightest pressure on the tip or slack line this eliminates a lot of line bites
          as it allows your line to Sink to the Bottom
          As opposed to being stretched out like a Guitar string when tightened to tip !!


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            Try fluorocarbon main line or sinking braid, with minimum resistance on tip.
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