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Float question

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  • Float question

    I've been fishing with MW F1 slims and carbons throughout the winter and they've been brilliant. I was wondering if you could fish these floats in summer or would I best fishing more positive floats and if so what floats would you recommend. Baring in mind it's F1s I'm fishing for


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    I'd stick with the floats you've been using. Having looked at them on a website they look perfect.

    One thing I notice is that floats have gone up a load in price since I last bought one.


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      Up the size from say 10 no 11 to 14 no 11.

      If it's pulling then I go to pingers these are the only floats I use for deck fishing in the summer in open water and the only floating have ever found that can't be replicated properly.
      Don't know what it is with them but I love em. The rest are Pudsli specials.
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        I was thinking that a 1.2mm tip would be a bit flimsy in the summer. I was thinking a float with say a 1.5mm tip and a body that takes quite a bit of shot to reduce liners