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Distance casting reel for Boddingtons, Earlswood and the like

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  • Distance casting reel for Boddingtons, Earlswood and the like

    Just bought a Shimano Beastmaster heavy feeder 13ft and Im looking for a reel to team up with it for distance casting? Any recomendations from you guys who fish places like this regular? Ive also got a 12ft Barbel rod which Im thinking of giving a try too to see which is best suited for me

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    hi frisky I use tdr reels at Boddingtons, Earlswood spot on for me m8.


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      Some one else said TDR but my local doesnt stock them and I like to have a look before I buy. I will have to try and spot some one using one


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        TDR will cost about £170 dicounted £245 RRP
        Daiwa EXELLER 3000 or 4000 loads winding power Brilliant Heavy feeder reel £99 RRP


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          Daiwa TDM 4012 around £100


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            Hiya, worth a mention if you are spending £000's on a reel your going to have to buy some distance line, worth putting this in as a what if... for example

            I use an 8000 shimano baitrunner with 6 and 8lb power line £7 150 mtrs this chucks as far as I need anywhere. I make the point that the 8000 is not built for long distance but it has a large enough spool, carries enough line and has a decent retrieve rate. is a bit heavy to hold all day but then im using a 13ft rod so it works for me.

            Your barbel rod, with a 8000/6000 baitrunner 10lb shock and 5lb main would wang a method no doubt

            Preston inception 4000 looks the business worth a look.

            Happy hunting