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  • Rods To Go

    Hello Anglers,
    What is the best way to put away your rods eg, Method, Pellet Waggler into a Preston Hard Case without breaking floats, damaging rod,s with feeders, hooks cought up, line tangles, etc. Are rod bands the answer ?
    I put them away tidy, but the next time on the bank,I take them out to find a mess
    As anyone got any ideas. What do you lads do?

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    I take hooklengths off and remove wagglers/cage feeders/bombs etc - always use a snap swivel to attach these - then break the rod down so the sections are side by side with the tip of the rod next to the butt, then wind in the line until the float stops touch the top rod ring and the line goes just tight, make sure anti-reverse is on and job done - don't need a rod band like this but they do stop sections clattering around inside the bag. When I've got an inline method feeder on I leave it in place and secure it to the rod butt with an elastic band so it cant clatter into the rod sections whilst in transit.


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      Instead of rubber bands I use velcro straps, if you tighten your line and wrap sections together they should keep tidy.
      I have an incidental on my left shoulder, he's always there, he's my friend.
      He says he gives me good advice. does he ?


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        Best way is to hook your hook as close to the end eye as you can break the rod down and wind all excess line in until your end eye is next to your butt end and secure together with Velcro straps. Next time you come to use it you won't have any tangles


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          Thanks guys thats brill,
          Im off to the shed to sort it now


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            Split pipe lagging is brilliant clip it over the sections
            the stuff i use is fairly stiff lagging approx 13/4" to 2"
            i previously had 2 or 3 Tip rings snap off
            hasnt happened since !!