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Round Sieves for Groundbait

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  • Round Sieves for Groundbait

    I would like to know what are the best round sieves for groundbait that you recommend? I have looked at a heavy sensas one but it had a large mesh and a Garbolino one that in my opinion was very poorly made with lose wire in the mesh in more than one place. thanks in advance.

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    There are various mesh sizes depending of what type of riddle you want.large mesh for for coarse heavy groundbaits.medium mesh for maggots,casters,and lake/canal type groundbaits.and fine mesh for pinkies,damp leam,and surface groundbaits.


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      sensas medium(maggot riddle size) is a good riddle for pushing g/bait through.


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        get a whisk for the drill.......awesome bit of kit riddling is then a thing of the past
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        In daylight we're oblivion


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          I dont carry a drill Larry, If I did lots of feeder fishing I would have considered getting one. But for just the odd match / pleasure session its not worth it. Its mainly for Method and cage so I am not too worried about it being fine enough for canals. I do have a couple of the small square ones that can be used for pinkies and maggots.
          I will see if I can hunt down the preston one next time I am in the local tackle shops.